To get that beautiful luscious lawn that everyone wants, you will need to fertilize. At Purity Feed we have every fertilizer mix you can imagine. Understanding the basics of what you use fertilizer for will help you get the greenest lawn or the most prolific garden on the block (unless your neighbours are using fertilizer too).



Let’s start with what the numbers on the fertilizer bag mean.

  • N - the first number is always amount of Nitrogen that is in the blend.  Nitrogen helps the plants produce new tissue. This is what you need to make your grass a vibrant dark green.  Or in the case of trees and  plants  it is the mineral that creates foliage.
  • P - Phosphorous stimulates the growth of roots , buds and flowers.  This is the mineral that gives your plants the ability to produce all the delicious things you eat.
  • K - This one represents the Potassium levels in the mix. Potassium is the mineral that improves the overall plant vigor. It helps the plants digest and manufacture their food. 




Your lawn needs 6 basic elements

  1. Carbon from the air
  2. Hydrogen from the water
  3. Oxygen from the air and water
  4. Nitrogen
  5. Phosphorous
  6. Potassium

If you give your lawn all of the above, which you can if you water regularly and use our fertilizer, you will have a healthy happy green lawn.



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