Picking your first chickens can be a very eggciting experience! At Purity Feed, we host Pick-A-Chick days where you can come and choose as many as 5 day old chicks (per household). We have 3 breeds to choose from, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Columbian Rock and Rhode Island Reds. Come and check out our next day on May 11th!




What you'll need to know before you bring your chickens home.

1.  When you first bring chicks home temperature is very important. Temperature should be a draft free 92-95 degrees Fahrenheit this can be achieved with heat lamps. There are all kinds of ways to host your new chicks before they get their feathers and can keep warm on their own.  Some people use old kiddie pools, some have brooder boxes but as long as temperature is controlled and there is some shavings down to maintain cleanliness the look of it doesn't matter.

2. Chicks need water in a shallow waterer.

3. Food- you will need a chicken feeder there are different types, round ones or long ones your choice really. You will also need feed. At Purity, we offer 2 different lines of Hi Pro feeds. But the first 10 days your chicks should have a 23% protein to start. They can then graduate to a lower protein crumble at about 10 days old till about 6 weeks. 

3.  When your chickens have feathers and the temperature outside is warmer you'll need a coop. It doesn't need to be anything fancy but your birds will need to be kept safe from predators, pests and the elements. They will need roosts where they can perch a night when you make that transition.

4. Space to run so they can scratch and dust bathe. 

5. They will need some kind of nesting boxes to when they are ready to lay their eggs in (1 box for every 4 hens).




One of the western worlds oldest breeds, these are hearty girls that are well suited for backyard life. They are friendly and inquisitive, and great with kids. Barred Rocks are good egg producers and are not overly broody. They absolutely love to forage and would be happy with most backyard set ups. 





Rhode Island Red 

This breed is a beautiful rich red color. Rhode Islands are extremely docile and hardy. They lay dark brown eggs even in the winter months. 

Columbian Rock

Known as being one of the hardiest breeds around. It has a beautiful color pattern and is a very quiet and docile bird. they are good egg producers of quality dark brown eggs. 



Just like other animals, chickens can be raised to be super friendly and even cuddly. Their breeds certainly reflect personalities and they each have dominant traits. Remember to check their feed and water regularly. When you first bring them home they are very fragile and need to be monitored regularly. But once they have all their feathers and you are set up with a safe coop, they can be the perfect backyard addition you were looking for! 

Let us here at Purity Feed help you figure out all you need to start your new flock off.  





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