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It's Garlic Season at Purity Feed!

      To try it is to love it.   To eat it is to let every other person in the room know that you ate it too.  While garlic breath is no joke, neither is the versatility that comes along with this beautiful, albeit potent member of the onion family.  It adds depth to any dish and its unmistakable flavour can create a base that can turn an ordinary meal into a family favourite.  ...

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How to plant a tree

How to plant a tree in 6 steps. Purity Feed and City of Kamloops Tree Coupons

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Weed Control

5 Tips on how to get rid of weeds.

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The Healthiest Lawn on the Block

Tips for the healthiest lawn on the block. 6 step plan of how to keep your lawn healthy. How to fix dog pee spots. Grass seed mixes.

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Purity feed pick a chick dates and short breed descriptions. 5 steps to be ready to bring your chicks home.

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Purity Feed Fertilizer 101

To get that beautiful luscious green lawn that everyone wants you will need to use fertilizer. Understanding the numbers on the bag and some tips for the minerals you'll need.

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