At Purity Feed, we know that weeds are super annoying! As much as they can be good for the bees they are a real eye sore. So let us walk you through how to get rid of your common weed issues. 



Purity Feed offers 2 over the counter weed control options. 

1. Killex : Killex is used to wipe out over 50 different lawn weeds, but it won't harm your lawn! We carry it in both a concentrate and a spray. 

2. Roundup: Roundup will kill everything, including grasses, so this is best used to clear an area completely. It is not selective and will control most annual and perennial grasses. It will kill everything that is green and growing. 

Please note that both of these options are not to be used in your vegetable garden. 


There are also more natural ways to get rid of weeds in and around your yard, so let's have a look at some of those possibilities:

1. Mulch- Applying a good organic mulch is done for 4 reasons: Mulching helps regulate the soils temperature by keeping the soil cool and moist. With the cover of mulch, you will deprive the weeds of the light that they need to grow. Good organic mulch is a great way to build up the soils fertility.  Applying mulch around your plants can also have a very positive visual appeal. There are many different varieties of materials that can be used as mulch - grass clippings, leaves, hay, straw, kitchen scraps and bark are a few examples. At Purity Feed, we carry a beautiful dark rich bark mulch that we sell by the scoop. 




2. Weed when wet- The best time to pull weeds out is after a good rain or a good soak from your sprinkler. If you try to pull them when they are wet you more often then not end up only getting the tops and then you are leaving the roots to grow even more weeds.

3. Deadhead- If you don't have the time to sit down and have a good weed session the least you can do is take off the heads before they go to seed. By removing the heads you will be removing the seeds of the future. This will drastically reduce the amount of weeding you will need to do next year. 

4. Only water the plants you want to- Try a drip line for watering, doing this will water only the plants you want to and not the weeds. 

5. Plant close together- If you don't leave room for the weeds to grow - they won't. If you have healthy plants they will also help eliminate the weeds naturally. Read the directions on the seed packages about seed spacing and adhere to them, because this will eliminate the open space for the weeds to take over.




A good healthy lawn will help eliminate weeds.  Please see our past blog of the HEALTHIEST LAWN ON THE BLOCK for all the tips you need for a healthy lawn. 

There are also newer methods coming out like No Till gardening. In short, this method suggests that the less you disturb the soil the less weeds you'll have. Personally, I have been trying this method in one of my gardens this year with much success. Perhaps I will blog about that next year when I have more experience and to make sure it goes as planned.

I hope that these suggestions help you decide the best way for you to tackle your weeds this year, though if you know a way to make a great salad out of them, you might want to keep them around! 


Come and see us at Purity for all your weed control needs! 


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