The grass is always greener on the other side, NOT this year! This year Purity Feed is going to give you the steps you need to have the healthiest lawn on the block.  Healthy lawns are less vulnerable to weeds, pests and other problems. A healthy lawn is easy to achieve with a bit of effort so allow us to help you get the healthiest greenest lawn on the block.



Steps to a healthy lawn 

1. Feed your lawn. You can use compost or fertilizer, either will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow healthy grass. (for more information on fertilizers please Fertilizer 101 post).  You can also leave grass clippings on your lawn to provide nutrients.

2. Aerate. When you aerate it allows a better flow of air, water and nutrients to the plant roots.

3. Mow high.  Your grass should be cut at a height of 2.5- 3 inches to prevent weeds and promote growth.

4. Water. Deep watering promotes deep roots. but it should be done infrequently. Too much water decreases the levels of oxygen in the soil, this can lead to disease. Be sure to apply 1 inch of water at a time.

5. Overseed. If you want an even fuller looking lawn overseeding is a good option. 

6. Fertilize again in the fall so that you'll be ahead of the game next year!

Dog Spots  For dog pee spots you can use Gypsum to correct the pH levels in these areas. After fixing the pH you can then seed. 


At Purity Feed we offer 3 different types of custom lawn seed  

Our Deluxe Lawn Mix is our most popular seed mix, we designed it to give you the most impressive lawn on your block. This blend contains the top three turf type grasses for lush green fine textured grass that can tolerate high traffic.

Our Envirolawn mix is a low growing, low maintenance, drought tolerant and winter hardy seed blend. As a blend these grasses tolerate many environmental stresses. They will stay green longer in drought conditions. They are very shade tolerant and require less frequent mowing, less fertilizer and less water. 

Overseed is Purity's new elite, heat and disease tolerant Perennial Ryegrass bred especially for overseeding. Overseeding is good when there is existing lawn but its maybe not as full as you'd like it to look. Heavy seeds help produce stronger seedlings with faster establishment.




There's an old wives tale that you can start planting grass seed when the lilacs bloom. 

The lilacs are blooming, so best to start planting your Purity grass seed now! 



Come and see us at Purity for all your lawn and grass seed needs! We'll help you get the greenest lawn on the block!             



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